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Nicola Scanni founder of NS Design is an Architect, Interior Designer and Multimedia, specialized in Interactive Designs. At 24, he worked in the United States of America with the Institute for Foreign Trade (ICE) in Atlanta, Georgia as International Trade Manager helping Italian companies to improve their impact on the biggest market in the world. After, he is hired by the Italian-American Chamber of Commerce of Miami, Florida with the title of International Trade Manager. Returning to Europe the first years of the Millennium he completed other studies to become an International Multimedia Designer, thus learning the different programming languages, digital interaction, three-dimensional graphics, etc. ... but above all, achieving the highest marks at the K.E.A. in Copenhagen, Denmark.

NS Design is the logical consequence of all the efforts made by our founder. Our Digital Skills include HTML5, CSS3, PHP, AC3, SQL, Javascript, JQuery, MySQL and more. We use the best technological practices to create fresh, modern, functional, and accessible websites. Some of our creations are visible on this Website. Our Local and International Experiences have contributed to increase our knowledge while satisfying even the most erratic project requests. Our professionalism distinguishes us. aOur quality allows us to create unique, modern, advanced and captivating websites.

Our Skills

HTML5 & CSS3 98%
JavaScript & jQuery 92%
PHP 95%
MySQL 85%

NS Design & Communications

Contact me directly for your questions. Here you will also find Social Platform's Links. I will be happy to listen to You, to get to know you and to answer to you ...and no's not a graphic error ...NS Design & Communications is only me... at least for the moment!


We work hard to achieve a design that not only follows all the regulations and laws in force, but that in addition manages to create a direct contact with the end user, capturing their attention.


Our designs are made following the directives of the latest systems of certification before being installed.

Lightweight & SEO

The SEO requires all websites to be light in design, Mobile First and we know just how to optimize it.

Easy to customize

The advanced technology we use to build websites helps us make changes and customizations easily.

400+ downloads

The advanced technology we use to build websites helps us make changes and customizations easily.

Made with Love

Contrary to what one might think, we put passion, time, dedication, art ... basically, so much love.

24/7 Support

If you encounter problems on the site or if you simply need technical support, rest assured, we are open.

Contact Us

If you have questions or just want more information or for anything else do not hesitate to contact us. We respond within 24 hours!